Description of our Projects

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With DTN, building your home is so much more than the sum of wood, hammer, and stone. To build in this place is to dedicate oneself to a dream where every single element comes together in a harmonious whole.

As the years go by, your property will be intimately linked to memories of family get-togethers, quiet reflection, stories and warm evenings by the fire… memories that will stay with you for years to come.

Here, you can tune in with nature, enjoy wide open spaces, tranquility, clean air and fresh water. We have what you are looking for!

Each lot is part of a private estate conceived by a team of land surveyors, biologists, engineers and landscape planners who work in keeping with the concept of architecture that blends with and respects the environment.

We have worked for several years with the planners Groupe Daniel Arbour & Associés, a firm that has been involved with a number of major projects in the Tremblant region.